May 19 2012

Finally…A Garden!

5/8: It’s been years since I’ve updated this blog, and a ton of things have happened, changed, etc. All these changes have led up to a great opportunity for me–The space to start my first “real” garden!

I’m pretty excited. I ordered my seeds from Seed Savers Exchange: Detroit Dark Red beets, Scarlet Nantes carrots, Striped Cavern tomatoes, Yellow of Parma onions, and a Seed Savers lettuce mix (including Australian Yellowleaf, Forellenschluss, Pablo, and Red Velvet).

After clearing out my garden-to-be, I tilled well and added several bags of organic planting soil. When the seeds arrived, I plotted and planted; onions require full sun and only need 6″ between rows, beets need to be planted with 20-24″ between rows, lettuce can thrive in partial shade, etc. Admittedly, I was planting a little later in the growing windows than would be ideal, but the weather this year has followed unusual patterns, and I figured maybe that would somehow work to my advantage. Basically, I made various rationalizations in an attempt to support the bottom line: Screw the ideal dates..I wanted to start the garden now!

Once the seeds arrived, I planted them, watered, and hoped for the best…