Jun 2 2009

Sew Crazy…

(Please pardon the cheesy title to this entry…I couldn’t help myself.)

I realized recently that I’d forgotten to share pictures of the fantastic birthday gifts my parents got me…Then, I realized it’s already June and my birthday was in April, so I better get on it. The sewing kit and machine case are really adorable and very, very useful, since my previous sewing kit was a cardboard box and my previous method of transporting my machine was to carry it. The tools and gadgets they bought to go in the kit have been extremely helpful, and helped jump-start my foray into the world of sewing. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

It didn’t occur to me at the time to take pictures, but David’s parents also sent me some really terrific sewing-related birthday gifts. A cutting mat, ruler (see through -  a must), rotary cutter, and other tools have been integral in my attempts at creating non-amateur-looking pieces. Many thanks to all for the generosity and thoughtfulness. =)

Tomorrow is my last sewing lesson! I’m excited to finish my skirt. I’ve started on another skirt, in the same style as the first, to practice the techniques I’ve learned in class. It’s almost finished, actually, and I was going to post pictures of it, but the lighting in my apartment is not ideal for photography, so I’ll wait until daylight and try to get some good ones. Unlike the skirt I’m making in class, this one has an invisible zipper and trim on the bottom. Naturally, I screwed up the trim. I really need to work on hems and seams. You know, the two most important parts of sewing.

I have to keep focused, and be conscious of the fact that I will not be a perfect seamstress on my first, second, or fifth attempt. It’s frustrating sometimes, because it feels like I’m wasting time and material and resources to create pieces that look bad. On the other hand, you have to start somewhere. This may not sound politically correct, but how do kids in sweatshops do it?!? Amazing.