May 19 2012

In Bloom

The first sprouts are coming up

It's working!

Carrots, lettuce, and beets are sprouting

Close-up of carrot and lettuce sprouts

5/11: Only a few days have passed since planting, but things are starting to sprout! I’m pretty excited. So far, I can see that beets, carrots, and lettuce have broken through. Some of the lettuce looks like it was planted too close to the carrots, and some carrots look like they were planted too close to one another…I blame the fact that the seeds are tiny and it was a little breezy when I planted. If need be, I’ll thin the plants, but we’ll see.

Next steps: Add compost, and keep watering.

May 19 2012

Finally…A Garden!

5/8: It’s been years since I’ve updated this blog, and a ton of things have happened, changed, etc. All these changes have led up to a great opportunity for me–The space to start my first “real” garden!

I’m pretty excited. I ordered my seeds from Seed Savers Exchange: Detroit Dark Red beets, Scarlet Nantes carrots, Striped Cavern tomatoes, Yellow of Parma onions, and a Seed Savers lettuce mix (including Australian Yellowleaf, Forellenschluss, Pablo, and Red Velvet).

After clearing out my garden-to-be, I tilled well and added several bags of organic planting soil. When the seeds arrived, I plotted and planted; onions require full sun and only need 6″ between rows, beets need to be planted with 20-24″ between rows, lettuce can thrive in partial shade, etc. Admittedly, I was planting a little later in the growing windows than would be ideal, but the weather this year has followed unusual patterns, and I figured maybe that would somehow work to my advantage. Basically, I made various rationalizations in an attempt to support the bottom line: Screw the ideal dates..I wanted to start the garden now!

Once the seeds arrived, I planted them, watered, and hoped for the best…