Another Shirt

I want to retain what I learned from my first shirt-making experience, and I think the best way to do that is to apply the knowledge to a second shirt. This one is similar to the first, with a few significant differences. I used the same pattern for both garments, but this time around I altered it slightly. As you can probably tell from the images, I chose to go with a high-neck halter top instead of a v-neck. I’m also going to use elastic in the waist band and along the top back seam. Instead of sewing the neck band together, I’m going to attach snaps.

More pictures and details to come after it’s finished!

2 Responses to “Another Shirt”

  • Samantha Says:

    I really like that top…I think I saw you bring it out last night. It has great colors and would really go well with anything!!

  • admin Says:

    Thanks! I need to get some elastic and snaps before I can finish it, but so far it’s going pretty well. I’m excited. =)

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