I’ve decided to try a new art project. I saw it done on HGTV, which to some people may preclude it from being cool, but I really like the network; plus, this process looked interesting and simple.

When I saw it done, the designer took a canvas or art board or something (hopefully not an important detail, since I can’t remember..) and adhered a decal to it. Next, she sprayed the whole thing with a spray adhesive, placed a piece of tissue paper over it, and then brushed on a layer of Gesso. As I understand it, Gesso is a primer-like substance that artists use to prep their canvases or other surfaces. The designer said it dries clear.

I encountered a few problems on my first Gesso attempt. For one thing, I didn’t have a decal and was too lazy to go to the store to find one. I did have a trasparency witth a pattern printed on it, though, so I used that. My next problem arose because my spray adhesive had been sitting on a shelf for several years, and when I pushed the nozzle, the substance that came out was black, rather than clear. Oops. Should’ve tested it on something other than my white/clear art project.. Once I sprayed all of the weird black stuff onto an old towel, the spray started coming out clear again, so I kept going.

Next, I forgot to spray the entire board before putting the tissue paper on, and only used the adhesive to stick the transparency to the surface of the board. Oops again. I brushed the Gesso directly onto the tissue paper, and am currently waiting for it to dry so that I can do a second coat. I think it will turn out well enough, even though I forgot to stick the tissue paper in place before applying the Gesso, but this is definitely a trial run.

Pictures to come after it’s finished!

Update: It didn’t turn out very well, so pictures are not forthcoming. =/

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