May 27 2009


My skirt is almost finished! The only things left to do are install the zipper and waistband. I tried on the skirt at the beginning of my lesson this morning, and it was immediately apparent that it would need to be taken in. Diana showed me how to pin equal amounts of fabric on each side seam, mark the pinned fabric, and sew new seams. I also finished all of the seams, rolled and stitched the bottom hem, fused the interfacing to the waistband pieces, and stitched the waistband pieces together.

I think it’s going to look really cute when it’s finished. Like, wearable-cute. Maybe I should come up with a tag that I can print onto the fabric or attach to the inner waistband! Something to show that it was made by me, perhaps with a fun design of some sort. On the other hand, tags aren’t very comfortable, so maybe that’s not such a great idea. Something to think about, though..

I will post pictures of the finished product next week. Since we’ll probably have time leftover at my lesson, I’m going to bring in some clothes that I want to alter, which is exciting. It makes me feel powerful to think that I can adjust clothes to make them fit me better. Muahahaha!