Apr 22 2009

Another Shirt

I want to retain what I learned from my first shirt-making experience, and I think the best way to do that is to apply the knowledge to a second shirt. This one is similar to the first, with a few significant differences. I used the same pattern for both garments, but this time around I altered it slightly. As you can probably tell from the images, I chose to go with a high-neck halter top instead of a v-neck. I’m also going to use elastic in the waist band and along the top back seam. Instead of sewing the neck band together, I’m going to attach snaps.

More pictures and details to come after it’s finished!

Apr 20 2009

Finished Shirt Gallery

Voila! Here it is, the finished product. It’s too tight in the underarm area for me to wear comfortably, but it could definitely be used in a shirt-like fashion by someone with smaller arms and shoulders.

The seams are a little rough, but I think it’s pretty good for my first attempt. The hardest parts were definitely the underarm bands and the neck band. I did learn a lot from the process of trying to interpret certain unclear (to me) parts of the directions that came with the pattern, and I feel like that experience will help my next shirt to be much more polished and wearable.

The gathering seams were also a little hard to figure out, and you may be able to tell from the images that they are not distributed around the neckline as evenly as they should be. I think that should be easy to correct in my next attempt, though.

Apr 20 2009


I haven’t posted in a few days because I’ve been working hard on a new sewing project: Making my first shirt from a pattern!

It’s pretty exciting, but also challenging and a little confusing at times. It’s almost finished, and I’m kind of addicted to it right now, so I’ll post more detail about the project after it’s completed. Until then, here are some images from the construction process:

Apr 8 2009


I’ve decided to try a new art project. I saw it done on HGTV, which to some people may preclude it from being cool, but I really like the network; plus, this process looked interesting and simple.

When I saw it done, the designer took a canvas or art board or something (hopefully not an important detail, since I can’t remember..) and adhered a decal to it. Next, she sprayed the whole thing with a spray adhesive, placed a piece of tissue paper over it, and then brushed on a layer of Gesso. As I understand it, Gesso is a primer-like substance that artists use to prep their canvases or other surfaces. The designer said it dries clear.

I encountered a few problems on my first Gesso attempt. For one thing, I didn’t have a decal and was too lazy to go to the store to find one. I did have a trasparency witth a pattern printed on it, though, so I used that. My next problem arose because my spray adhesive had been sitting on a shelf for several years, and when I pushed the nozzle, the substance that came out was black, rather than clear. Oops. Should’ve tested it on something other than my white/clear art project.. Once I sprayed all of the weird black stuff onto an old towel, the spray started coming out clear again, so I kept going.

Next, I forgot to spray the entire board before putting the tissue paper on, and only used the adhesive to stick the transparency to the surface of the board. Oops again. I brushed the Gesso directly onto the tissue paper, and am currently waiting for it to dry so that I can do a second coat. I think it will turn out well enough, even though I forgot to stick the tissue paper in place before applying the Gesso, but this is definitely a trial run.

Pictures to come after it’s finished!

Update: It didn’t turn out very well, so pictures are not forthcoming. =/

Apr 7 2009

Pin Cushion

This is a pin cushion that I made from scraps of fabric. I think it looks cool.

Apr 7 2009

Sewing Projects

I recently got a sewing machine, a Brother XL-2600i, and attempted to hem the pair of pants pictured above. They were about three inches too long, and I kept tripping on them. I also stepped on the bottom while sitting down once, causing the seam that runs up and down the seat of the pants to rip a bit. [I know what you’re thinking, but I swear, that’s actually how it happened!]

I didn’t do a fantastic job on the bottom hems, but I am pretty pleased with how the butt seam came out. I did that part last, which makes me feel like I’m making progress.

Apr 7 2009


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